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DTNormieS_1400x1400_coverartJennie Josephson & Rich Stroffolino talk about switching between operating systems and why it hurts our brains so very much. Welcome to the pilot of the Daily Tech Normie Show!



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Show Notes:

Hello! It’s Jennie, senior advisor to The Daily Tech News Show. These are not your usual show notes, because this is not your usual DTNS. (Although it is an official epsiode of DTNS, hence the numbering.)

Part of my new role in the DTNS ‘verse is to do a monthly bit of tech-related storytelling.  So I asked long-time DTNS listener, emailer and creator of the post-show wrap up Rich Stroffolino to come on the show so we could work through a tech-related conundrum, switching from a Mac OS to Windows OS, and even more difficult, switching between the two on a daily basis.

This is tech from a normie’s POV, so you’ll hear some places in the show where I ask for your advice. If you have thoughts you can go to reddit and comment here or you can write us at the usual email address feedback at daily tech news show dot com.  Just put something like “DTNormieS” in the subject line so I can find it easily.

Oh and go check out Rich’s podcast, The Novelization Realization Project – it’s a lot of fun.

Let us know what you think!



2 thoughts on “DTNS 2749 – Daily Tech Normie Show

  1. A.S . – I couldn’t find a contact category or email for the show

    RE: Normie Show

    Many thanks to you, Rich and Tom!
    I really enjoyed the show and found the topic and insights and point of view interesting and refreshing.

    I think analogies can alway be helpful to connect disparate concepts in our minds (the way people always say LIKE…) – different things performing a similar function through different means(Like Both mother and father are your parents)

  2. What a great surprise! I didn’t realize this was happening already. Love the concept, and even though this topic doesn’t apply to me I’m still very interested in hearing any solutions that are given and work for Jennie.

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