DTNS 2757 – Expensive Cat Videos

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comAmazon’s allowing anyone to upload video for streaming, sale or rental. Is it taking on YouTube, Vimeo or everyone? Andy Ihnatko. Allison Sheridan and Tom Merritt discuss.


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4 thoughts on “DTNS 2757 – Expensive Cat Videos

  1. I listened to the show about the new Amazon service, actually Amazon purchased the company Createspace a few years back. Createspace allowed you to send a copy of a DVD that you offered for sale they printed the DVDs ondemand when a customer purchased and sent you your share at the end of the month. This allowed anyone to get into the DVD publishing game, Amazon purchased Createspace which then got all titles listed on Amazon for free. They are not designed for the YouTube cat video crowd but content creators like myself. They have always required your tax information so they can send you a 1099 at the end of the year. I have seven titles that have been up for years and receive a royalty check most months. Before Createspace there was no easy way to get my titles on fly fishing and scuba diving the Florida keys published, because of Createspace/ Amazon I am a worldwide publisher and have sold DVDs and video streaming around the world.

  2. Just listened to the episode and have to admit that I loved hearing about a fellow BlackBerry user.
    My BlackBerry Passport is always at my side. I need to use two SIM cards for various reasons and the two devices I carry are a BlackBerry Q10 and Passport. Great physical keyboards.
    The Passport screen has made it so that I don’t carry my Playbook around anymore because the display is great for reading the content.

    Now, if you need the popular apps, BlackBerry isn’t for you, but the Passport is a great device for those of us that work with a lot of text/emails/messages an need to consume and pump out tons of text content all day. Typing under the table without looking down based on muscle memory is a lost art for multitasking lol.

    I rambled on more than I intended to, but just had to share that there is another BlackBerry user that is also a big fan of DTNS (BTW, long time fan since your Buzz days at CNET lol).

    1. Hi JoPo28,
      I totally agree, BlackBerry was never known for having all the popular apps. And this was never a thing that really concerned me.

      Back in the day when I was still an Android-user I was sticking to the default apps + Twitter, facebook, whatsapp, a podcast client, password manager and one of the angry birds games. That basically was all I needed. And nothing has changed ever since. The end of support for WhatsApp however is a thing that really makes me wonder whether I should go for a switch. WhatsApp is kind of a de-facto standard regarding messaging in my circles so with it gone, it cuts me off any communication with friends and family. Yes I know I could also emulate with the APK, but emulation on a Q5 is always kind of slow, so I do not really consider it – also emulation wouldn’t support the BB hub.

      Best regards,

      And by the way: This message was typed on a Q5, while staring out of the tram window on my way to work. 🙂

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