DTNS 2769 – HoloLens Ruined Ek’s Couch

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comIs the HoloLens worth it? Ek put his money on the line to find out. He shares his findings with Scott Johnson and Tom Merritt.


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One thought on “DTNS 2769 – HoloLens Ruined Ek’s Couch

  1. Hi Tom and DTNS crew! Great show.

    Regarding self-driving cars: There is one big segment that I think will drive the adoption of self-driving cars that I don’t hear anyone talking about. Google may be going there with their work with Chrysler using mini-vans. The issue is safety and the people that will drive it are mothers and fathers. I have 3 young children and where my family is concerned safety is a top priority with convenience in second place, and self-driving vehicles will be far superior on both fronts.

    I did a lot of research when my first child was born on car seats for children, what the science says, and how that differs from what we think is safe in our culture. I learned that the reality is this – the only thing that is significantly safer for a child is a rear-facing car seat. The same is true for older children and adults! In my younger days I raced stock cars at a semi-pro level, and I know how much it hurts to hit things going fast. (I wasn’t a very good driver so I crashed a lot!) All of this pain and damage to the human body comes from trying to stop us from flying into the dashboard when we crash. There is a simple solution – turn the seats around.

    If I had the option of a self-driving mini-van with all of the seating rear facing, that was 5 times safer for my family and children, I would buy it. I would deal with any discomfort and get used to it for my kid’s sake. With the computer doing the driving I am now free to talk to my family, play games with them, or when commuting to work actually… well do work! Thinking of my children – with my oldest at 6 years old, will he ever get a driver’s license? The far more restrictive graduated licensing in place today may change to something that doesn’t allow teenagers to self-drive at all.

    A vastly safer and more convenient transportation future awaits us and I can’t wait.

    For a funny and interesting look at the future of self driving cars, find the movie Demolition Man and watch it again. Self-drive on!

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