DTNS 2786 – Three Devs & A Normie

DTNormieS_1400x1400_coverart It’s another installment of the Daily Tech Normie Show with Jennie Josephson, developers David Still, David Brooks and a time-shifted Alasdair Smith. Jennie asks the devs every question she’s ever wanted to know about how not to upset their kind!



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Show Notes

If you want to follow David Still on twitter it’s really easy. Just click here!

If you want to find David Brooks, well, he’s outside checking out the real world, and I think that’s cool.

Here’s that PC World article that walks you through adding God Mode to your Windows desktop. But you knew that already.

And yeah, it kinda sounds like a weird hissy YouTube wind tunnel when I talk. But would it *really* be a Normie Show w/out it? Think of it as bonus white noise.

Adding a great email from Komei, with a tip on how to match command keys and shortcuts between Mac Windows

Hi Jennie, Rich,

I use both Windows and OS X.  As for keyboard shortcuts, I use customizable text editors like Sublime Text 2 and edit the key map for each so they look more or less the same.  But I still cannot avoid the issue of copy, paste, etc. in other applications.

So my solution is to map Caps Lock to Command on OS X and map it to Ctrl on Windows.  On OS X, in System Preferences > Keyboard > Modifier Keys…, I change Caps Lock to the Command key.  On Windows, you have to edit the registry, so the hurdle is higher.  But I believe most programmers can follow these instructions and create a .reg file for you that you can later install easily.  (I could send you mine but I’m afraid it wouldn’t go through the firewall.  I haven’t tried it but the one from http://johnhaller.com/useful-stuff/disable-caps-lock looks similar.)

(http://download.microsoft.com/download/1/6/1/161ba512-40e2-4cc9-843a-923143f3456c/scancode.doc says the scan code for Caps Lock is 0x003a)

Even if I hit Caps Lock + C by mistake on a machine that is not customized, the damage is just a letter or two typed all in caps.  So I can easily undo it 🙂

As for the scroll wheel direction, you can reverse it on OS X in System Preferences.  But, rather than doing that, I reversed the direction on Windows instead.  Again, you’d have to edit the registry and this one is more annoying as you may have to search and change it for every mouse possibly every time it’s connected to a different USB port.  But it was worth it for me and now all my mice have “natural” scroll direction.


10 thoughts on “DTNS 2786 – Three Devs & A Normie

  1. Having a hard time listening to / hearing this episode… Jennie’s mic volume kept dropping and I couldn’t hear her well. The guests were just fine. I haven’t noticed this on any other DTNS episodes, but thought I’d let you know. Thanks, love the show!

    1. Hey, it’s Jennie! Yeah, I’m super bummed about that. I accidentally used a bad focusrite to record. (There’s one that works with internet, and one that works in the room, and GRRR)I tried a bunch last night to fix it in post, but to no avail. But those guys were awesome and I don’t want to keep them from being heard, so I hope you’ll soldier through and I promise to fix it next.

      1. If it happens again, could you please record a message and put it at the beginning of the podcast warning us about the upcoming bad audio and whether or not it spans the entire episode. That way if we are listening in a high noise environment we know to hold off listening until we are somewhere else.

  2. Thanks Jennie. I was coming here to say the same thing because it was hard to follow. I really like the concept though, and look forward to future eps!

    1. I know, it’s SO frustrating b/c I enjoyed the conversation SO much. But I promise I’ll fix my rig and we’ll get this going proper. To me, it’s always a wonderful humbling reminder that it’s very hard to do what Tom does!

  3. Hi Jennie. I loved the show. Is there a reddit discussion group or another place online to provide feedback?

    I wanted to add to the discussion that the developers would like to receive specifications or specs on the project. You may need to work with a business or system analyst to create the specs. They outline in detail exactly what the developers need to do to develop or program the project. The business or system analyst’s job is to take the business requirements by talking to you and others from the business side, and translate them to something that the programmers can work from. This can also help reduce scope creep because once the specs are finalized and signed off by management, everyone should be on the same page as to what the features of the website or the application will be and there will be a estimated timeline of the project. Hope this helps!

  4. Hey Jennie, you mentioned getting a tip regarding mapping functions on the windows keyboard to work like mac, but you don’t have it in the show notes…

    One of my co-workers is a mac user that is starting to use a windows machine for video and audio stuff, and says he really misses the command+key functions, since the windows key works different than the mac command key.

    If you could pass along that tip that’d be cool 🙂

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