DTNS 2793 – The Car-bayashi Maru

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comSelf-driving cars have a no-win choice. And US President Barack Obama told Bloomberg he might become a silicon valley venture capitalist after his term is over. Justin Young and Tom Merritt discuss whether this is a horrible idea.


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3 thoughts on “DTNS 2793 – The Car-bayashi Maru

  1. Greetings to All and Sundry,

    I wished to comment how enjoyable I found the back and forth between Mr Merrit and Mr Young in regards to the moralmachine.mit.edu study.

    Setting aside the larger debate on autonomous transportation, I wonder if some of the seeming difference of reply to the two questions posed might be somewhat explained by how the questions were phrased?

    If might be one thing to be selfless and say that the driver would give up their life for the life of 10 other people.

    But in making a car purchase, is not the driver most likely thinking about their own safety _and_ the safety of all those other passengers in the car?

    Again, a driver might thoroughly believe that it is morally correct to give up oneself, but do they feel that same for the life of their husband on the passenger side and their two children in the backseat?

    Perhaps the questions were actually worded that did not allow for this dissonance but I would be interested in your thoughts.


    Troy Whyte

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