DTNS Special – Municipal Broadband

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comTom and Molly discuss the logic behind ruling that cities should not be allowed to operate broadband networks.



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5 thoughts on “DTNS Special – Municipal Broadband

  1. I work in Wilson, NC (for a bank). I live in a town next-door. We rallied hard for Google Fiber when everyone was losing their minds trying to rename towns Google and all that.

    Greenlight (the municipal broadband here) was built with expansion in mind. In fact a small town one county over was already negotiating to hook up with Greenlight because CenturyLink the iLec refuses to build out for such a small town. The lack of competition literally left them without.

    This loss by the use of state’s rights is nothing but a lobbyist win & celebration for the millions they have poured into lawsuits and elections coffers to stifle municipal broadband.

    Did you know that the citizens of Wilson had to vote on going into the debt for Greenlight? Their citizens were smart enough to know TimeWarner wasn’t going to cater to them. AS SOON AS Greenlight was turned on … magically TWC suddenly starting offering more competitive broadband (and tv) packages.

    Amazing what a little competition can do. Or not. Now.

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