DTNS 2832: As A Man In My Late Thirties

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Show Notes

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5 thoughts on “DTNS 2832: As A Man In My Late Thirties

  1. 8/14/2016 2832 (Peter Wells)
    Audio levels vary all over the place when Peter is talking. Otherwise it is OK with his guest(s). This makes it impossible to listen in a noisy background as the higher guest audio is too much when the volume is set to be able to hear Peter.

  2. Really unhappy that you slagged off the entire public service because of the actions of a very small gov dept that made a very public mistake. Did I miss you congratulating the ATO on the fact that myTax went pretty smoothly for millions of people this year? Or that the PBO put out hundreds of assessments as required by politicians during the marathon election we just had? People went way beyond the call of duty. Why can’t governments get it right? Well in actual fact in Australia – they do – despite budget cuts and outsourcing. So please be a bit less sweeping in your comments when a gov dept makes a mistake.

    1. Wasn’t my intention to slag off the entire public service! I don’t think I did? The ABS did a terrible job, and one of the links in the show notes points the budget cuts to the public service as one of the factors. I even had a link to an article from the CPSU but decided that was a little too political to share. And I mentioned the fine work of Radio National, as I have done almost every show!

      As an aside, I’ve worked for the public service, as has Justin (my guest). Believe me when I say we both would believe this was the fault of the Dude being paid $700k a year to run the ABS, not the fault of any of the hard working public servants within the ABS.

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