DTNS 2914 – Survival Of The FitBittest

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comAs Fitbit looks to acquire Pebble, Justin Young and Tom Merritt take a look at what’s in store for Wearables. It does has a future. But what is it?


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3 thoughts on “DTNS 2914 – Survival Of The FitBittest

  1. It was interesting to hear your comments on the Spotify/Apple Music debate. I’m vaguely between you two in age, so I don’t think I’m “too old” for this debate yet, but I’ve personally found nothing compelling about Apple Music. The exclusives they’ve had, while big names, have never been an album I was excited to listen to (same with Tidal). But Spotify does have all the new releases I do care about, and generally on the 1st day. Plus I find that the interface for Spotify, while fairly bad, is still way better than bloated pile of excess that is iTunes. I still follow music pretty closely (working at a university with students helps that some even as I age!), but I was surprised to hear that you felt like Spotify was playing catch-up.

  2. In reference to the conversation on the Fitbit last week, the idea of having a coach reviewing your workouts is already here and working well. I know that you can sign up for a version the Hanson Marathon Training plan that will not only give you a personal coach for training but also place the Training Plan into a website called Final Surge. As you are going through the training with your GPS enabled watch, in my case a Garmin it will automatically upload your workout to Final Surge and your personal coach will be able to see and review your training, provide suggestions and adjustments. There are many Marathon training coaching organizations out there so I’m sure this is not the only to get the services Justin Young was looking for. BTW good luck on your running, it’s a fantastic sport.

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