DTNS 2947 – The Zuck Stops Here

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comZuckerberg’s in Dallas to testify in a lawsuit but he posted pictures of visiting with students and police. Is Zuckerberg running for President?


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3 thoughts on “DTNS 2947 – The Zuck Stops Here

  1. About the announcement by Airbus Urban Air Mobility:
    Presumably the design will be similar to the volocopter:

    It seems to me that any city administration in it right mind will never give permission for this kind of transportation.

    Helicopters and multi-rotor flying machines have far less range than aircrafts with wings. It’s a trade-off: with lift produced by rotors you get the ability to hover and to take off and land vertically, but the price you pay is that you get very bad mileage. When lift is produced with rotors much of the energy is wasted.

    Limited flight time

    When a rotor-lifted aircraft takes off the clock start ticking: you only have so many minutes of flight time. When the batteries are depleted you must land, whether there is a landing spot or not. Generally, allowing any aircraft to fly over a populated area is a bad idea, and with rotor-lifted aircrafts that is especially the case.


    The most important reason to disallow urban air mobility:
    Rotor-lifted aircrafts produce extreme amounts of noise, and it’s an aggravating noise. Winged aircrafts produce some turbulance in their wake, but rotor-lifted aircrafts produce a huge amount of turbulance; it’s because producing lift with rotors is so inefficient. The noise production is a symptom of that inefficiency. Any attempt to reduce the amount of noise will also reduce the lift.

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