DTNS 3037 – Putting Passwords on Airplane Mode

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comAn app to renew your eyeglass prescription, keep passwords secret during travel, quadcopter you control by waving, and how close is Microsoft getting to Sony in the console wars?


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3 thoughts on “DTNS 3037 – Putting Passwords on Airplane Mode

  1. Hi,

    Scott made a very disparaging throwaway comment about Nigerians and criminality when talking about some trouble a friend of his had while visiting our country.

    I’m sorry that his friend had a bad experience, but it’s not right to seem to tar 200 million people because of the actions of a few of their compatriots. The rest of us suffer real world consequences – constant suspicion, lost job opportunities, regular “random” checks at airports.

    I don’t think Scott bears any real animosity towards us (and I’m actually quite a fan of his), but we should all be a little more careful with some of the things we say.

    Rant over,


  2. David,
    I think Scott’s comments were meant only in referencing the infamous “Nigerian prince” email spam that’s made the rounds since the early days of the Internet, but your point is a fair one that we should always be careful about not disparaging an entire culture based on one thing.

  3. Just catching up on DTNS 3037. The reason for downloading over streaming is that MS want to sell their consoles in markets outside of the US, eg. Australia, where we don’t have all internet capable of streaming.

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