DTNS 3054 – Amazon Spent Their Whole Paycheck

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comWhy Amazon wants Whole Foods and will it use its patent to block comparison shopping on your cell phone? Plus a big advance by China in Quantum Computing and Atari is making a game console!


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3 thoughts on “DTNS 3054 – Amazon Spent Their Whole Paycheck

  1. I apologize ahead of time because I know while writing this that I’m going to create ‘offense’. But, you know what happens when you are offended? Not a Goddamn thing accept you are offended! This will likely just get ignored, but I feel I must speak my piece. I quite seriously try to keep an open mind, but I consider myself to be a Constitutional Conservative/Libertarian. I know at this point I’ve lost whoever is going to read this. But I digress. I’ve been subscribed to this podcast and many others including TWIT. I know the majority of those of you on the Frogpants Network are quite obviously hardcore liberals. I have to imagine that the majority don’t realize how much you ALL wear it on your sleeves regardless of how you try to sound more open minded. The one exception is Megan Marrone, and I don’t even think she realizes the degree how she pushes her hard Leftest agenda with her snarky sarcasm about the current shift in political winds. I’ve been biting my tongue to near bleeding, for about a year it seems, over the not so subtle way she seems to be trying to turn podcasts about technology into a political soapbox. I finally got fed up yesterday with TWIT and canceled my subscription to TWIT with my podcast player. It’s a shame because gadgets and tech are somewhat of a passion for me, but I just cannot take her snarky sarcasm of ME and my fellow American citizens because she has been so indoctrinated into hating Donald Trump by being so soft brained and buying into the media slander, based on no truth or proof. So low and behold my podcast player gets to this episode of DTNS and guess who is a *special* guest for this show? None other than Communist Comrade Megan! That high pitched squeaky voice just continues to haunt me. I could go into a litany of the litany of all the ways her candidate’s lies and corruption disgust me, but I’m sure by now I’m just wasting my time typing because someone has already deleted my response to save feelings from being hurt. All I ask is if you want to soapbox about your political opinions then start a podcast about politics, if you want to talk tech then please try to remember that there are those interested in technology that don’t give a rat’s ass about your political opinions. It’s bound to slip out here and there, I can accept that. Like I said, it’s painfully obvious that most of you are registered Democrats and if any of you aren’t it’s clear that you have the common courtesy to keep it to yourselves to not offend your co-workers. If that’s true, kudos, I’m not so certain I could do it myself if I had to listen to the constant snarky leftist rhetoric from my co-workers. Just please keep this in mind if you’ve bothered to read this far. I’d just as soon NOT unsubscribed from this podcast as well. If I may suggest, please consider the way The Android Central Podcast stays on topic without overtly political soapboxing. My best to you all, even Megan.

  2. Interesting. I’ve always found the politics of those involved with DTNS pretty hard to discern. I’ve even been pretty convinced at times that some might be on the right hand side of the political spectrum. (And, of course, anyone from either political party may dislike any particular individual politician, regardless if he’s from their party or not, so that wouldn’t be proof of anything regardless).
    Anyway, good work, Tom & contributors in keeping it this way. I appreciate that you cover tech from a tech angle, wherever that may end up in regards to the US political spectrum.

    1. Perhaps I wasn’t clear in stating that overall I generally see an, albeit somewhat weak, attempt to not overly politicize topics ASIDE from Megan’s inability to not hide her liberal bleeding heart and total disdain for our current president. If you take away the 5.7 million illegal immigrants who were encouraged to ILLEGALLY vote in the election by the likes of Obama and Gov. Brown of California, President Trump easily won not only the necessary Electoral College vote but the popular vote as well. And as Obama was so fond of pointing out when HE won the presidency;”Elections have consequences!” The majority of the nation chose Trump and those who don’t like it need to either accept it and move on or just plain MOVE. If the tables were turned and her hatred was focused on not liking Obama and his policies, regardless of legitimate reasons, she would be just summarily be stamped as “RACIST!” I’ll be honest, I had some rather serious doubts about DJT when he first announced his run, but the unsubstantiated character assassinations from the lamestream media, the DNC and blind lemming liberals in general have only cemented the support of myself and a great many U.S. citizens who want him to succeed in undoing the death spiral our nation has been driven toward at breakneck speed.

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