DTNS 3107 – Time to Get Fit, Time to Get Smart

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comHot new phones from LG, Sony and even Motorola. Wearables refocus on fitness, but is that what we want? And the world’s first and largest drone delivery company expands to a new country.
With Tom Merritt, Roger Chang, and Allison Sheridan.


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3 thoughts on “DTNS 3107 – Time to Get Fit, Time to Get Smart

  1. Hello Gang,
    I’m catching up on last week’s shows. Here is a response to Scott’s email question about Canada’s natural gas glut, and converting it to Helium.

    Helium may be contained in Natural Gas, but one can not really create Helium. Helium is “created” when heaver elements (thorium & uranium) in the ground decay into lead (Pb) and Helium (He). Helium becomes trapped underground via the same geological structures that trap oil and natural gas, bedrock caps.

    You can take natural gas (high % of methane CH4) and convert it to hydrogen, by stripping out the carbon. This is typically done with High pressure, high temperature steam.

    Love the show,
    Jeff S.

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