DTNS 3110 – Bond, iBond

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comThe threat to the electrical grid in the US and Europe, Amazon trying to get James Bond and stealing baseball signs with an Apple watch.
With Tom Merritt, Roger Chang and Scott Johnson.


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Show Notes
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Today’s Guest:
Scott Johnson


3 thoughts on “DTNS 3110 – Bond, iBond

  1. The Google Docs page isn’t working. When I click on the “To read the show notes in a separate page click here!”, I get an “Sorry, unable to open the file at this time. Please check the address and try again.” error message

  2. Just thinking about the baseball, why does the catcher decide. I was always under the impression was that it was the catcher because the batter couldn’t see the catcher and the catcher and pitcher need to know what the pitch is going to be, so the pitch can pitch it and the catch knows where to catch it. Why can’t a third party someone remotely tell both the pitch. The pitcher can still reject until they say the one they want. Then there would be no movement or signal that the opposing team can intercept without hacking their technological signal.

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