DTNS 3112 – Equihaxxed

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comAn AI that can determine sexual orientation, a store that takes personal info for purchases and the horrible no good very bad Equifax breach.
With Tom Merritt, Roger Chang, Shannon Morse and Len Peralta.


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5 thoughts on “DTNS 3112 – Equihaxxed

  1. Hi Tom,

    On two shows (most recently 3112) you have dismissed the allegations against Kaspersky Lab as red-hysteria… to paraphrase… since they are in Russia… they are being maligned in a swell of distrust against all things Russian… probably unfairly.

    This may be true; however there is a detail you may have missed…in 2015 Eugene Kaspersky paid General Michael Flynn to lobby on his behalf. Flynn failed to disclose this payment to US officials.

    Does that dirty the hands of Kaspersky or his company? Not exactly but for those playing seven-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon- corruption-edition that makes Kaspersky’s allegiance — who learned cryptography at a KGB school — too ambiguous too trust.

    If you recall, Huawei was barred by the US commerce department from buying Sprint back in 2010 on less of a concrete connection to bad actors.

    Not saying it is right, or fair… but I am pointing out there is more than just speculation that Kaspersky Labs is a player in the Russian drama.

    When Eugene says “As a private company, Kaspersky Lab has no ties to any government.” What he appears to be really saying is he has no DIRECT ties in either the US or Russia.

    1. I have not dismissed allegations against Kaspersky labs as red-hysteria. I have said there is little evidence that Kaspersky products are compromised.

  2. That’s fair.

    No evidence the products are compromised, but MORE than mere speculation that Eugene Kaspersky is a political actor.

    On the Tom Merritt trademarked spectrum of F.U.D. … where does this rate? Slightly above Huawei or below?

  3. Hi Tom,

    So Tavis Ormandy apparently found a number of vulnerabilities in Kaspersky software back in 2015.

    See https://googleprojectzero.blogspot.ca/2015/09/kaspersky-mo-unpackers-mo-problems.html

    Now today the other shoe drops on why said software is no longer allowed on US government computers — allegedly the vulnerabilities were used to leverage an attack on the NSA.

    It’s relevant of course to pointout the WSJ story on this subject is sourced anonymously.


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