DTNS 3114 – Apple Announced A Bunch Of Things

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comApple’s new phones, watch and OTT TV device, plus Samsung promises a bendable Galaxy Note phone next year.
With Tom Merritt, Roger Chang and Patrick Beja


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Patrick Beja


5 thoughts on “DTNS 3114 – Apple Announced A Bunch Of Things

  1. I never feel as if I need to comment or critique a podcast. I’ve personally grown fond of DTNS in the last couple years. I had stopped listening because I was tired of the anti-Apple sentiment that was prevalent in past shows but Tom and Co. has reigned it in giving credit where credi5 deserved.

    I’ve been wanting to write Tom or the producer for awhile but for all that’s good in the world GET RID OF PATRICK. I would never be so up front about publicly ridiculing someone, but since he passive aggressively on air began ranting, I wanted to comment. Patrick rarely contributes actual information to the show, and he continuously tries to play devils advocate every time he’s on. His behavior today just taught me to scan the guest host before I play an episode.

    Tom you’re a nice guy that was trying to congratulate someone. Patrick, grow up. This is a information show, not a pity party.


    1. Paul,

      I understand your comments but let me reassure you of something. Patrick and I discussed the bit where he teased me about leaking his announcement beforehand. I knew what he was going to do and I thought it was funny. It was not meant in any way to be mean or a pity party. It may not have been funny. I’ll accept that. But please don’t accuse Patrick of being mean spirited in any way.

      I, personally find Patrick to be full of factual information and rely on him as a trusted co-host to help me see things I don’t. Your mileage may vary of course and that’s OK to criticize. But please don’t misinterpret what was meant as a bit of fun.

      In any case thanks vey much for the honest feedback and a chance to respons.


    2. This is funny. I look for the Not-Patrick shows each week as part as my weekend viewings. I find him to be entertaining, if sometimes annoying with his shtick of all tech things being better outside the USA, and informative leading. I am always impressed on his command of a language that is not his primary or birth language.

      Am I correct and you wrong? Nope. I avoid the Veronica shows and i’m not a fan of the Justin podcast. I listen to the Scot shows if Not-Patrick wasn’t on or when i have more time. I’m sure others have completely different feelings.

  2. I caught that the baby announcement thing was meant to be a joke, but in the other areas I agree with Paul. It feels like Patrick has taken on the role that’s common in political and sports shows where someone always has to play the other side even when it makes no sense – the “embrace debate” culture. It’s tiresome in those shows, and I always cringe a little when I realize it’s Tuesday, because I know that’s what I’m in for here too on those days.

    I wish I could see what Tom sees of Patrick bringing factual information and seeing things Tom doesn’t see, but I don’t feel like I’ve witnessed that on DTNS. It feels more like he’s a friend so you want him on. And that’s totally your right as it’s your show. And maybe having Sarah there too will help moderate it. I have faith in Tom to make any podcast good, but lately it’s getting close to that line on Tuesdays, and it makes me sad because I love the show.

    1. I think a large part of what some are seeing as NotPatrick just being combative for no reason is that NotPatrick is not coming from the same culture technological or political wise. He is a born and bred Frenchman, with a strong computer game background. If other Western European DTNS patrons feel that NotPatrick is being nonsensically combative then Tom and NP should inspect their dialogues.
      [ As Tom can tell you, I am no sycophant , for instance I almost always complain when the name “Africa” is used as a catchall for a wildly varied Continent 🙂 ]

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