DTNS 3172 – The End of Burgergate

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comYouTube is adding 10,000 people in a new push to filter objectionable content from the site. Will it work? And what about other popular online social platforms? Plus the FCC is going full steam on head on dismantling FCC provisions on Net Neutrality.

Featuring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Roger Chang and Patrick Beja.


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Show Notes
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4 thoughts on “DTNS 3172 – The End of Burgergate

  1. I’m a bit confused about what was said about ARM Windows 10S. According to MSFT FAQ page about Win10S (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4020089/windows-10-s-faq) “Windows 10 S works exclusively with compatible apps from the Microsoft Store. The vast majority of apps available in the Microsoft Store will work on Windows 10 S the same way they will work on Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Home. ”
    is that what you were saying with “They run Windows 10 S which uses an emulator to run 32-bit Windows apps” ??

    1. From the link we had in the show notes – https://www.theverge.com/2017/12/5/16737288/microsoft-windows-10-qualcomm-arm-laptops-launch

      “HP and Asus’ devices will include Windows 10 S, designed to only run apps from the Windows Store, but users will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro free of charge (for now) to get access to the full desktop apps. Microsoft has natively compiled Windows 10 to run on ARM chipsets, so all Windows processes, Edge, and the shell all run natively without emulation. Microsoft has also looked at the top third-party desktop applications and natively recompiled a set of system DLLs that they rely on to ensure performance is solid.

      Microsoft’s emulation work does mean that you’ll be able to download most 32-bit exe files from the web and install them on ARM-powered laptops. ”

      The emulation is needed for apps compiled to run on an x86 chip to be able to run on ARM.

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