DTNS 3186 – Retro Show

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comIt’s the Daily Tech News Cassette for July, 1983 with thoughts on the new TRS-80 Model 4, micro PC versions of the Eliza AI, and whether software piracy is unethical.
With Sarah lane, Tom Merritt, Roger Chang and Jenn Cutter.


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Show Notes
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5 thoughts on “DTNS 3186 – Retro Show

  1. Absolute genius! I loved this show. Please make the retro show an annual event. I’ll dust off my cassette player ready for the next episode.

  2. Got the cassette in the US Mail yesterday (Media Mail, Really?) and have listened to it twice. So far the car cassette player hasn’t eaten it (fingers crossed) and really enjoyed all the fresh tech news of the last 30 days. I am writing, though, because I currently do not have a Dict-A-Phone™ and would like to receive your more timely Headlines version. I would like to request a FAX version as my office now has one and I could receive it there even if it is on slick paper. If that’s too difficult, maybe you could put a version on a answering machine each month, much like Steve Wozniak did with his Dial-A-Joke service. Hopefully these are short as we all know how expensive long-distance rates are, though I am following up on this new discount long-distance company called MCI.

    Keep up the good work and am looking forward to your upcoming BBS.

    Bill in Florida.

    P.S. Have you heard about these new wireless phones that Motorola plans to introduce in September? They sound almost as cool as the new Apple Lisa that was released in January. Kind of costly, so I’ve only played with the one at the local Connecting Point store. Anyway, looking forward to next months cassette. B

  3. You do more of these and I’m going to have to raise my Patreon. Now I’m going to have to upgrade my 300 baud modem to 2400 so I can download the video version. Thanks a lot guys.

  4. This show was the absolute BEST!!! I was driving home from a holiday trip to visit my wife’s family and had about 4 episodes of DTNS qued up. The previous episode finished, and this one started right up and it took me a few moments to realize what was going on! So so so funny, and I loved all the little subtle nuggets you included in your banter. Keep up the great show! I gotta go rewind my cassettes now…

  5. Please, please do this again! It was a fun surprise and so much fun walking down memory lane. I often feel I came late to the technology wave but in 1983, I was taking the first microcomputer course at my college that was ever offered. I learned BASIC in that course but had to work off of a terminal hooked up to the college’s mainframe. So now I feel like one of the “crowd!”

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