DTNS 3191 – Let The Chips Flaw Where They May

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comWhat you need to know about the Intel chip vulnerability, controlling a car with your mind and more startups try to make a go of lab-grown meat.
With Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Roger Chang, Scott Johnson and Rich Stroffolino.


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Show Notes
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4 thoughts on “DTNS 3191 – Let The Chips Flaw Where They May

  1. Man, your discussion after the show of the top 10 hits of the year you were born made me feel even older than I am. In 1957 (yeah, see, I AM old), it’s all Elvis Presley and Perry Como…
    Position Song Artist
    1 “All Shook Up” Elvis Presley
    2 “Love Letters in the Sand” Pat Boone
    3 “Little Darlin'” The Diamonds
    4 “Young Love” Tab Hunter
    5 “So Rare” Jimmy Dorsey
    6 “Don’t Forbid Me” Pat Boone
    7 “Singing the Blues” Guy Mitchell
    8 “Young Love” Sonny James
    9 “Too Much” Elvis Presley
    10 “Round and Round” Perry Como

  2. I’ve never been a big fan of Sarah’s all the way back to the screen saver days. I’m sure she’s a nice person but as a presenter or voice? She’s very hard to listen to. Her near constant use of verbal devices (yeah, well…,Ya know, for sure, but wellllll,) to let her thoughts catch up with her mouth drives me crazy. I stopped listening to TNT because of her. I was extremely saddened when she joined DTNS but decided to give her another try….then “the brain is a mysterious creature”? Come on…I’m done. Sorry, Tom, Scott, Veronica, Patrick, Allison and the rest. I like you all, but I can’t figure out how to filter that ninny out.

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