DTNS 3260 – R(are)e(arth)cycling

ESPN launches ESPN + a new $5/month sports streaming video service, Uber will begin performing annual criminal background checks on its drivers and the UK reveals its first major Cyber Attack target was IS.

Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Roger Chang, and Justin Robert Young.


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2 thoughts on “DTNS 3260 – R(are)e(arth)cycling

  1. sorry so vociferous – but the privileged bubble of the tech world makes me wildly angry when the consequences on people like me are completely ignored in discussions about things that make buying your morning coffee more convenient for you … I have a debit card – I like the convenience …. but I’ve been preyed upon by the credit card industry – where the more likely you are to be lucrative with interest payments makes you ripe to send more credit offers to you than you are actually worth … yeah … trust the banks my ass in short …

    not to mention the recent mortgage crisis being not that long ago when a man who flies between the US and Norway flippantly talks about how you trust banks with your mortgage why can’t you trust them as you cash provider ignores how this industry preyed upon poor and minority populations and made billions while the prey lost EVERYTHING ….

    please understand what you’re saying when you tell people they can trust corporations and financial institutions over the government when you can trust NEITHER one without serious regulation and consequences for them when they destroy people for their own gain .. just please – stop the privileged bubble excuses

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