DTNS 3264 – Turntable of DOOM!

Elon Musk tells staff to walk out on bad meetings, Iran bans all govt bodies from using Telegram, and Doom’s soundtrack is coming to vinyl.

Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Roger Chang and Scott Johnson.


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One thought on “DTNS 3264 – Turntable of DOOM!

  1. I’m totally with Roger on vinyl. So you want me to pay more for a format that sounds less clear (or, as vinyl aficionados like to say “warmer”), is less convenient, and easily damaged? Cassettes were at least convenient, but the low fidelity and easy warping, plus lack of direct song access was dumb. I’m not sure why people have suddenly turned so against convenient formats like CD and digital. I’ve been a huge music fan since birth, and I’ve lived through all these formats (and 8-track, and SACD, and MiniDisc), and I don’t understand the sudden desire for these inferior formats. It’s a bummer to see bands and labels put all this money and effort into them rather than the physical CDs with good artwork or just going all digital.

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