DTNS 3271 – House Hippo Friday

It’s our end of April DTNS round table. This month we examine technology issues from a Canadian perspective like; the ease at which fake news can be created, how Canadian telecoms want block websites linked to piracy without judicial review and the digital subscription landscape of Canada.

Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Roger Chang, Tristan Jutras, Jenn Cutter and Amber MacArthur.


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2 thoughts on “DTNS 3271 – House Hippo Friday

  1. Hi all at DTNS. Sorry to have inform you that after being followers of DTNS since the very first show, we are considering ending our Patrion support. The reason being that we are finding that the content is predominantly USA centric and being in the UK and Europe, there just isn’t enough global and European content for us. Also, we find that many of the conversations by guests and presenters forget that there is, or should be, a global audience (the internet is global) and fall into USA thinking which very often is not relevant to us. This is especially true when talking legal issues. Even the latest round table was USA / Canada …. Was carried conduct as if the rest of the world wasn’t included. Sorry all.

    1. John and Lisa,

      I find this surprising since we have a French host living in Finland, did our last show with entirely Canadian guests, did a whole show on GDPR a Europe-only law, and in the past week discussed European Emergency Number Association, British act Mezzanine preserving DNA in cooperation with a Swiss University, EU probing of Apple acquisition of Shazam, China’s Alibaba buying a Chinese chipmaker, German supreme court dismissing case agains Adblock, Japanese and European Cobots as a new industry, Motorola G5 lineup coming to Brazil and Mexico, Russia’s blocking of Telegram and had Nate Lanxon from the UK on to talk about an article he wrote about terms of service.

      The majority of our hosts are from the US so when speaking from our experiences that’s what we’ll say. And the majority of the big tech companies are based in the US as well, so when covering the big tech companies that’s going to affect things.

      But I think it’s unfair and inaccurate to say we act as if the rest of the world wasn’t included. IN fact Amber made a point of bringing up Spotify and Skype as examples of non-US non-Canadian companies.

      All that said, maybe you just want a different show that is hosted by predominantly European or UK hosts and that’s fair. It’s one of the reasons we cross-promote regularly with Nate’s Tech’s Message podcast.

      Whatever you decide, thanks for your the support you’ve given and whatever support you feel comfortable continuing to give.

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