DTNS 3282 – Tales from the Encrypt

Researchers have uncovered vulnerabilities in PGP and S/MIME, Tesla engineers reveal they considered adding driver attentiveness when developing the autopilot feature, Uber riders can now rate their ride mid-trip and Apple faces a class action lawsuit over defective keyboards.

Starring Sarah Lane, Justin Robert Young and Roger Chang.


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One thought on “DTNS 3282 – Tales from the Encrypt

  1. Hey guys. Heard your talk about the announcement re. Uber. As a driver, I found out about it a few days ago, and here is an edited version of what I told Uber: I don’t like the on-trip feedback that’s coming because it’s like giving a movie reviewer the go-ahead to review the movie when they have only seen half of the show. Let the trip play out, good or bad, and have riders base their comments/tips/etc on the whole trip. Otherwise, what if we screw something up, they leave a negative rating, but we redeem ourselves in the end? Or we start out strong but mess it up in the end somehow (hopefully not, but it happens)? I know there are riders to whom I would like to have given a low rating at one point but who proved cool in the end. I realize this could turn out positively, but positive or negative, I think this move takes away some of the level playing field between driver and rider. Let us both be judged on the whole trip. Anything else is not fair to either party.‬

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