European Parliament votes against copyright reform – DTH

DTH_CoverArt_1500x1500Volkswagen launches electric car-sharing service, Uganda social media tax is supposed to combat lying, ZTE names XU Ziyang its new CEO.



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5 thoughts on “European Parliament votes against copyright reform – DTH

  1. Thanks SO much for polluting your Amazon Echo news report with ads from the German company Blinkist. You have just insured that I will NEVER do business with Blinkist and I intend to let them know that. Perhaps if enough people do this, the company will learn that advertising with you may not be the wisest move. And perhaps YOU will learn that shoving ads at your users may not be the best model for you either.

  2. I was very surprised to hear an ad from Acast at both the top and tail of this episode. I wasn’t sure if it was inserted by DTH or the PocketCasts app? I was a DTNS Patreon supporter early on, but stopped when I took a break from listening to podcasts altogether. Back again – listening to DTH – and was considering re-supporting, but unsure of the benefit if the show is going to be ad-supported. Hope the feedback is useful. Peter.

    1. Hi Peter,
      The benefit of supporting DTNS through patreon are all listed on the page at, plus the support of the value you get from the show. DTH never caused an increase in support from patreon so I’m considering it’s own separate show and for now it’s ad-supported. There are ad-free version sof Good Day Internet (a patreon-exclusive show) and DTNS available to patrons.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply and explanation. My initial concern was that it might not have been inserted by you, the creator of the show, as it was unexpected. I certainly don’t intend to criticise an excellent show, one that I (currently) pay nothing for and have certainly gotten value from. I’ve just re-subscribed to DTNS to see if I can fit it into my commute once again (so many podcasts!) Highly likely that Patreon will be back on the agenda. Cheers, Peter

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