DTNS LABS – GAMES – Everything is About Fortnite

DTNS Labs LogoIn this episode, we discuss:
Our takeaways from E3
Sony’s cross play PR issues
Battle passes are the new standard
Steam sales recommendations (Scott: Celeste, Endless Space 2 / Patrick: Opus Magnum, Dead Cells)

With Patrick Beja and Scott Johnson.


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7 thoughts on “DTNS LABS – GAMES – Everything is About Fortnite

  1. Tom,

    Thank you for your prompt reply yesterday addressing my concern about the audio quality of yesterday’s episode. I appreciate this. I find myself in the unusual position of coming back here again to leave another comment second day in a row. It seems that there is currently something very wrong with the iTunes feed. All of the episodes for the DTNS and DTNS Headlines are showing up but cannot be downloaded by iTunes. Can you please investigate ASAP? Perhaps a July 4 bug?

    1. I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble again. I was just able to download the episodes from iTunes myself meaning I can’t replcicate the problem. That makes it harder to troubleshoot, but we’ll keep investigating.

  2. Thanks, Tom. I will keep trying over the next day. If recurring, I will reinstall iTunes and try again. I am able to download other feeds, so it is possible that the “redone” episode from yesterday somehow is causing a problem in my particular usage case. With this said, however, it does not explain why my DTNS Headlines feed is also not working. As a supporter of your show, I am most impressed by how quickly you respond to your fans, even on a national holiday. Way to go!

  3. Just to follow up, Tom. iTunes is unable to auto download the episodes for both DTNS an DTNS Headlines for July 5. Therefore, the last working episodes I am now able to download is July 3. When I tried to force download the episode, iTunes is reporting an error of 9810. I am located in Canada. Is it possible that this is a geographical issue or that there is a recent subtle feed header change that is affecting older iTunes (which I use)?

    1. It’s possible that older iTunes does not support secure downloads (https) and thus is having the problem. We recently switched to using https since all modern podcatchers now support the secure connection.

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