DTNS 3321 – Game’s Addiction

Video game addiction is a relatively new phenomenon. We examine various aspects of the disorder and discuss whether or not video game addiction is a real or merely a symptom of a deeper psychological issue.

Starring Tom Merritt, Patrick Beja and Roger Chang.

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4 thoughts on “DTNS 3321 – Game’s Addiction

  1. Since you’re now running ads, DTNS is no longer “powered by you”, it’s powered by ads for the masses, and self-funded by “patrons” with exclusive access to an ad-free version. DTNS is now “freemium”.

    Also, though you state you arent responsible for inserting the ads, and you don’t know what they are, what happens when you talk about a thing (company, product, service, etc), and an advertiser takes issue with it? You may think it’s unlikely, but it absolutely can happen. You have technically lost some of your independence by bringing in advertising. I respected DTNS for being 100% listener supported; I couldn’t think of another tech news show that was. You’ve now lost this distinction, and my respect.

    One last thing to think about. Who is more important to you? Your patrons or your new found ad network? If you had to choose, who are you siding with?

    1. I will never know if an advertiser takes issue with anything we say on DTNS and if Acast ever brings up a question like that, we’ll stop using them. I’ve dealt with this at CNET and TWiT. It’s not a new issue for me.

      The patrons are the most important to us. And we always side with the listener and consumer.

      1. Did you do an announcement about changing your model? This is disappointing. What was your reasoning/thought process?

      2. Yep. We announced it on several hangouts, in our Patreon, in our pre and post show and on last Wednesday’s show and this week on the episode you’re commenting on.

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