DTNS 3331 – Xbox Swims with the Stream

As Microsoft readies plans for its next generation gaming console we examine the future of dedicated gaming hardware as software and services take on an even more outsized role in a video game console’s success.

Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Roger Chang and Patrick Beja.

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2 thoughts on “DTNS 3331 – Xbox Swims with the Stream

  1. Why puts ads at the end of the podcast, and not at the beginning? To be ad supported, or not ad supported, is a black and white philosophical descision. Why is putting it at the end any better for the listener? If a listener objects to the ad, it’s a philosophical objection, not a semantic one. If DTNS is no longer truly listener supported (you’re now a freemium service) you might as well get the most bang for your ad buck and put it at the beginning, to get the max amount of listeners (even ones that quit listening before the end). Of course, internet advertisers are chronically ignorant of differences like this, so maybe it doesn’t affect your profit.

    Sad. The once noble and independent DTNS is now just another AD supported piece of media. There is now no true 100% listener supported tech news podcast on the Internet. You were the only one, to my knowledge.

  2. Am I the only fan of this podcast who is disturbed by the tone used in so many of the responses to DTNS including ads? I’m fine if you disagree with the decision, but so many of the posts resort to insults like “Sad.” or “once noble” or “you’ve lost my respect”. Why is this such a huge line in the sand for people?

    Why is a podcast asking during every episode for money via Patreon sponsors so different from taking ad money? Both are just different means to the same end of supporting the creators and paying them for their work. I object to neither, but don’t find either fun to listen to. But it’s part of getting content for my listen pleasure . If I had to hazzard a guess, I’d bet that the number of listeners vs. number of Patrons is pretty skewed. So why shouldn’t Tom and Sarah and cohosts be “paid” for everyone who listens?

    These are not some brand new, fly-by-night podcasters we’re talking about either. Tom and Sarah have been at this for well over a decade, and never shown any signs of censoring their opinions because of a sponsor on previous podcasts. Why would they start now?

    I just feel like we as a community could be a lot more civil and kind in how we go about this discussion. Creators deserve payment for their work, and not every consumer of that work is going to voluntarily agree to pay for it. We accept that in most other mediums (and most podcasts), so I’d like to think we can either accept it here, or else either up your pledge and opt out of said ads, or discuss it with the respect our hosts have earned.

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