DTNS 3335 – We Fix the Internet

Twitter will work with two university professors to understand the Internet “echo chamber”. A UK parliamentary committee calls for action to “build resilience against misinformation and disinformation into our democratic system”. How do we go about “fixing” the internet and ensure that misinformation is NOT passed along as objective fact?

Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Roger Chang and Lamarr Wilson.

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2 thoughts on “DTNS 3335 – We Fix the Internet

  1. I was caught off guard slightly with the “Who has a CD tray these days.” discussion. My immediate thought was Netflix still has a DVD site which has a significant backlog of content, Redbox entirely subsists on DVD/Blue-ray players putting the discs into readers. I still sometimes use a DVD Burner in order to Back up Album photos in a Semi-Permanent medium. Sure I’ll probably to re burn them in a few decades when I can store 52 TB on a single, dime sized DNA based storage device. But if my hard drive crashes… I’d rather have a DVD backup as a backup to my Hard drive backup. So that even if an EMP goes off nearby I’ll still have my photos of my grandparents to show my grand-kids.

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