DTNS 3342 – Do You Believe in Magic Leap?

The Magic Leap One is now shipping to creators in select areas. Has Magic Leap delivered on its goal of a workable virtual retinal display? And can the Magic Leap one compete in already crowded field of VR competitors?

Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Roger Chang and Scott Johnson.

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One thought on “DTNS 3342 – Do You Believe in Magic Leap?

  1. About Tesla:

    Back five years ago when Micheal Dell took the Dell company private he had an approved plan. I haven’t looked it up but no doubt when Michael Dell announced the plan it was a joint announcement together with his deep-pocketed investers.

    This is the meme: “Show me the money!!!”

    Stating in a tweet that “invester support is confirmed” doesn’t cut it, not by any stretch of the imagination. You can announce a plan like that when the invester/investers show with documentation, co-signed by the Chief Financial Officer, how they intend to put up the money.

    I don’t exclude the possibility that Elon Musk is bluffing.
    (Which – when it comes to stock value – violates financial law, of course.)

    A large part of the Tesla shareholders is as committed to the Tesla long term mission as Elon Musk is. They will become investers; Tesla won’t have to buy them out. It may well be that Tesla will only have to buy a relatively small percentage of all the shares.

    According to the reporting some of the board members did indicate that the idea of going private had been discussed in board meetings. Effectively, that information is irrelevant. Relevant is whether the board and Elon Musk had beforehand agreed upon a timeline of how to go about it. The reaction from the board members says pretty much that no such timeline had been decided upon. So: for sure the announcement was Elon Musk in loose-cannon-mode.

    And then there are the shorters. Tesla is the most shorted stock in the history of stock trading. I’ve tried to read up on what shorting is, but I don’t understand enough of it. The way I understand it, things are going to get very hectic.

    Colin Tennyson

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