DTNS Labs LogoWe talk with Russ Pitts from he Escapist about why he returned to revive the publication and how he thinks the internet is doing these days.


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One thought on “DTNS LABS INTERVIEW – Russ Pitts

  1. The Escapist did NOT have an extremist bent as Russ Pitts suggests. Speaking as one of the regular contributors who was there from 2015-2017, the truth of the matter is here: https://medium.com/@Robert.B.Marks/setting-the-record-straight-on-the-escapist-magazine-8bb59f3b36b3

    This is also yet another claim by Russ Pitts in an ongoing defamation against the former Escapist contributors and editorial staff like myself, which has escalated to a libel proceeding against Enthusiast Media to be heard in the Ontario Superior Court in the near future.

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