DTNS 2141: Quanto smash!

DTNS logo by Sam SmithDarren Kitchen of Hak5 joins me to talk about Quantum Computers and free Harvard coding classes, while Len Peralta illustrates the show and introduces us to Quanto!

Multiple versions (ogg, video etc.) from Archive.org.



Big thanks to Dan Lueders for the music!

Big thanks to Sam Smith for the logo!

Show Notes

NSA seeks to build quantum computer that could crack most types of encryption:  The Washington Post reports the NSA is building a “crypto logically useful computer” according to documents leaked by Edward Snowden. The $79.7 million research program is named “Penetrating Hard Targets”. Quantum Computers have been demonstrated by labs in the EU and Switzerland and a company called D-Wave. Quantum computers are actually slower than classical computers at most tasks but can perform certain functions like factoring prime numbers more efficiently.

Further reading on Quantum Computing (from Darren)





CES: Wearables, 4k video & tablets: A quick search on Google News for the terms ‘CES expect’ reveals 13,000 results that indicate wearable, 4k video & tablets will be the big trend. Now you don’t have to go.

News From You: 

Engadget reports that Fox will continue the tradition of streaming the US Super Bowl football game for free online. Fox will also stream its playoff coverage but that will only be available to certain cable subscribers. CBS, the network that streamed the Super Bowl for free last year, will be streaming all of its playoff coverage online for free. (Submitted by flyingspatula)

EDX, a Massively Open Online Course, or MOOC provider, will offer Harvard’s Introduction to Computer Science course online absolutely free with no prerequisites. Languages covered include C, PHP, and JavaScript plus SQL, CSS, and HTML.  (Submitted by Skyjedi)

According to GigaOm, YouTube will not only show off 4K Streaming at CES but will do it with their own royalty-free VP9 codec. Google’s been trying to push the codec since it acquired it back in the VP8 days. This time they have 19 hardware partners on board to help the push, including big companies like Sony, Intel, Samsung, Broadcom and Marvell among others.  (Submitted by spsheridan) 

More links from the show:  

BlackBerry wants Seacrest OUT — of the physical keyboard business:


T-Mobile CEO calls AT&T’s latest promotion a “desperate move”:


CES: What Acer is bringing to Las Vegas:


Twitter launches Vine for the Web:


Snapchat will let users opt out of its Find Friends feature: 


27 thoughts on “DTNS 2141: Quanto smash!

  1. The guy they replaced you with on TNT has the most boring voice ever. What was Leo thinking? Buzz Out Loud died without you so will TNT.

    1. My sentiment exactly, the most monotone voice, zero inflection, and poor Sarah I think knows it because she is pouring it on. Its so boring I’m done with it.

  2. Tom, I’m glad I checked your site to see what you’ve been up to! (Other than cord killers, ftw) I was pretty depressed yesterday listening to a show that was once a part of my daily routine as I work at night was now lulling me to sleep! Keep up the good work brother, you have a daily listener here.

  3. Hi Tom. I am really enjoying the new show. It feels a lot like TNT and you have the freedom to take it anywhere you want. Just a couple of constructive comments:

    Not a fan of the opening theme. But that is a small thing.

    I think you need to co-host or guest-host to do the headlines with you. Spices things up a bit.

    I love the guest hosts you’ve had so far. Keep it up.

    Other those little things I am really happy to see you continue the tech news tradition. You will have a daily listener in me.

  4. Hello Tom,
    Glad to hear that you’ve started a new project. I’ve watched the first two episodes and it does give out a good vibe.
    I will listen to TNT for a little while longer to be completely sure, but so far, I fell asleep last night listening to it, so not a great sign 😀
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Followed you from BOL to TNT when you left (sorry Molly) and will now likely follow you from TNT to DTNS (sorry Sarah).

    Keep up the good work Tom! You clearly have the secret sauce necessary for a great tech show.

  6. By the way, how can I support the show (e.g. with a modest amount of money or otherwise)?

    Are you going to do a subbable/producer (a la John Dvorak) model or ads?

  7. Tom,

    Great work. Your voice delivering the tech news is something that I enjoy. I do agree with someone else’s post in having some of the headlines read by the guest or if you decide to have a co-host later.

    Hope this is the is start of many more episodes of DTNS!

  8. Have enjoyed listen to you since just after Veronica joined Buzz – Out – Loud. I would also love to see Molly join in time to time if not permanently. Regarding the episode numbers it appears that you are using a Day Year Month naming convention. Can I recommend a ISO 8601 format of YYYYMMDD so that when sorting files by name the current file will be at the top (descending order) or bottom (ascending order). Best of luck.

  9. Good start so far Tom. I agree with a previous comment that you could use a guest host commenting/sharing initial headlines to add more of a show feel. I like so far but when you were reading the headlines just felt like was missing something and kept waiting for quest to chime in during the reading of the headlines.

    1. Also a small thing, title could be shorten from ‘Daily Tech News Show’ to ‘Daily Tech News’ as show is implied. Short and sweet I think is better and need something that people will remember quickly and easily as TNT was.

  10. Tom,
    Three things…
    1- Toss up a donation button, let me buy a virtual brick on your background, or something. Yes, your audience wants to support you so let them. Targeted ads are fine too as long as they are technology products.
    2- I deleted TWIT from my ROKUs now that you are gone, not that you care, but I had to say it.
    3- In episode 2 (DTNS 2141: Quanto smash!) you mentioned not having the video bits worked out and not wanting to make promises etc. My Feedback = Keep the video just like it is… pre-work, hiccups, everything. Just hit record, let it go, and post the results. That is exactly what a daily show about technology news should be. We all know errors are a part of life, just show it.

    Thanks for the work and for not leaving us out in the cold.

  11. Love the new show. I don’t like to say anything bad about your previous show – “Actions speak louder then words”. I have moved to your new show. What is the best way to help financially support your new show?

    Keep up the good work!!!

  12. Hi Tom,

    I love this new show. Subscribed to it, as well as Current Geek.

    Just one point I have to make, because everything else is fine.

    I use a podcast app on my phone (Podcast Addict) and I’d like to be able to subscribe to the video version. The mp3 version is fine, unless you have Len Peralta on and I prefer video for many of the podcasts I download anyway.

    Keep up the good work.

  13. I am thrilled that you continued on with the same type of show. I usually deliver papers while listening to TNT and the first show without you was so boring I just left it running in the car while I threw papers on porches. I deleted TNT out of beyond pod and added yours. I will miss the dynamics between you and Sarah but I’m sure you will have guests that will provide the rich discussions that I have come to enjoy, just don’t do Iyaz. He didn’t have any sense of humor.

    1. Iyaz was great too. So please feel free to invite him on. Not sure why so many people are acting like high schoolers and putting down the other TNT hosts. TNT was great and I PERSONALLY enjoyed everyone involved with the show.

      I too think the new TWIT TNT show is boring but no hate toward the hosts. I’m just going to miss the old TNT.

  14. I agree with all the other comments. Without Tom and Iyaz TNT sucks. Mike Elgan is obviously an intelligent person but sounds monotone and boring.

    Sarah Lane seems like a nice person but frankly she just bores the shit out of me.

    Tom and Iyaz brought energy to TWIT. They will be very hard to replace. Leo should have stepped up and paid to keep them.

  15. Tom, very good. Keep it up.

    Yes, I miss Sarah an Iyaz of course, I was explaining to my wife today why the new TNT format with Mike Elgin lacks the spark of the “old” TNT before your move (the first move, not the current one) and the reason why I loved TNT back then was the round table discussion, not just presenters firing bullets. It is the discussion that is important for me, I can fire up Reddit anytime and get the bullets.

    Many thanks for the show.

  16. A great way to start Fridays. Hope that Darren and Len are back every week for DTNS.

    Tom, have you thought of changing the URLs for the specific pages so the URL is a little prettier in the ‘eye candy’ department? I know it’s petty, but was never a fan of “?p=29” type of URL. LOL

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