DTNS 2140: My car has lasers

DTNSTim Stevens joins me to talk about the tech news of the day, Ford’s solar car, and auto expectations at CES.

Multiple versions (ogg, video etc.) from Archive.org.


Big thanks to Dan Lueders for the music!


Show Notes:

Laser Solar Car of the Future? BBC News reports that at CES, Ford will show off a new concept version of it’s C-Max hybrid that uses solar panels on the roof to supplement charging. A lens on the roof tracks the sun and concentrates rays on the solar cells to maximize collection.

Plea Bargain: The New York Times editorial board has asked the US government to consider a plea bargain for leaker Edward Snowden.

News From You:

According to Business Insider, Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas is now taking Bitcoins for his campaign fund against Texas Senator John Cornyn. (Submitted by jjd241)

BBC News reports that the YS FAA has announced six states will host sites for testing commercial drones. Alaska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Texas and Virginia will host the tests for developing safety regulations. (Submitted by KAPT_Kipper)

More links from the show: 

Skype hacked:


Snapchat, too:


Nest Labs valued at 2 billion after $150 million funding round:


CES: LG to unveil smart TV powered by WebOS:


Dark Wallet, brought to you by the creator of the 3D gun:


Chinese phone maker Xiaomi doubled smartphone sales in 2013


63 thoughts on “DTNS 2140: My car has lasers

  1. Tom, will you primarily be using Google Hangouts for each show? And also, will there be a set time? I know you are still hashing things out right now. Is there a way to subscribe to live show events/reminders in Google Plus?

  2. Great! Instantly entered at the top of my DoggCatcher list. Your style, insight and integrity make any show you are on worth listening to. All the best to you and Eileen!

  3. re: NSA >> People don’t understand that NSA spying hurts all of us because it’s used to shut down people like Snowden, Manning, etc… NSA spying shuts down those who fight on our behalf. NSA spying is used against all non-mainstream political protests, etc. :-/

  4. Hi Tom!
    I’ve been following you for as many years I can’t remember. Living in Europe, Spain, for me last thing I was listening every night (one day later), was your energized tech news voice. I give you all my best desires for your new projects and hope they succeed a lot.

  5. Tom,
    I can’t tell you how happy I am to find you starting a new show. Please keep the episodes coming!

    Now a couple of comments:
    – I am not a big fan of the sounds in the background as you read the headlines.

    – All of the recent talk about the new game counsel wars has left me with one nagging question: Who won the last one? I know that over the years we have heard reports about quarterly sales and other snippets of information but I wonder who sold the most units and who brought in the most money. I am not sure if that is some thing that can even be answered but it sure would be a cool thing to look at the numbers.

    Thanks for everything and keep up the great work,

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