DTNS 2140: My car has lasers

DTNSTim Stevens joins me to talk about the tech news of the day, Ford’s solar car, and auto expectations at CES.

Multiple versions (ogg, video etc.) from Archive.org.


Big thanks to Dan Lueders for the music!


Show Notes:

Laser Solar Car of the Future? BBC News reports that at CES, Ford will show off a new concept version of it’s C-Max hybrid that uses solar panels on the roof to supplement charging. A lens on the roof tracks the sun and concentrates rays on the solar cells to maximize collection.

Plea Bargain: The New York Times editorial board has asked the US government to consider a plea bargain for leaker Edward Snowden.

News From You:

According to Business Insider, Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas is now taking Bitcoins for his campaign fund against Texas Senator John Cornyn. (Submitted by jjd241)

BBC News reports that the YS FAA has announced six states will host sites for testing commercial drones. Alaska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Texas and Virginia will host the tests for developing safety regulations. (Submitted by KAPT_Kipper)

More links from the show: 

Skype hacked:


Snapchat, too:


Nest Labs valued at 2 billion after $150 million funding round:


CES: LG to unveil smart TV powered by WebOS:


Dark Wallet, brought to you by the creator of the 3D gun:


Chinese phone maker Xiaomi doubled smartphone sales in 2013


63 thoughts on “DTNS 2140: My car has lasers

  1. Tom, so glad you’re still doing a daily tech news show. Sorry to hear about the split w/TWiT, but it’s great to see you’re continuing in the fine tradition which you started. You’re the best!!!! Wishing you and Eileen all the best in 2014!

  2. The audio version seemed to have rather poor audio quality, specifically the first few solo minutes. Once Tim came on, the audio got a lot better. Also, I personally found the music a bit distracting. I am not sure if it was the ducking causing it or not. Otherwise, I am excited about the show and hope you give us a way to support you. If the Frogpants donations are the way to do that, then check!

    1. Great show Tom. I also found the background music a little out of place. The volume of the music kept rising and dropping. I found the video out on YouTube and subscribed there. It was nice to not have music in the video version.

      1. I’m going to drop the volume way down. I agree I left it up to loud. I do think it could work to keep the headlines from sounding too dry with just me reading. But the music may still be too intense. Let me know what you think after today. And thanks for the feedback!!

  3. Tom

    Good to see and hear you deliver the news again. I appreciate all the work you have done and am happy I can continue to dial you up. Doing what you love will always make you happy.

    So….question for the show. With CES on the horizon, do you see the mobile device makers getting back in the show in a big way or will they keep their powder dry until MWC like they have over the past few years?

    Good to have you on again. Take care

    On Wisconsin!


  4. Great to see you on your own at last. Your professionalism, social skills, and scientific literacy have always left this viewer with the impression that you are bigger than any institution that contains you.

    Please work hard and don’t compromise. This world sorely needs a tech show worth watching!

  5. Great first actual episode. Is there an audio live feed for the show? Maybe not. And i must have missed it, but why is the episode numbered 2140?

  6. About the NSA spying information not being admissible in court. The thing that concerns me is that the definition of ‘terrorism’ is squishy at best, and once anything you do, or people you associate with fall into that ever-expanding category, you no longer have protection of the normal court system.

    Great show!

  7. Dear Tom! I’m George from Hoffmann Estates IL. I have followed your carrier since the tech tv days. This is the first time I write to you. I just wanted to say how proud I am that you started this new show I really love it. You are an upmost charismatic and smart guy , I watched your shows all the time. So much so that I feel that you’re really my friend now. At first I was sad when you announced that you are no longer doing TNT then you laid this on us. Hey, it’s great, thank you for continuing your tech legacy! I’ll be watching every episode just as I did with BOL and TNT. Thank you for being here for us Tom, you just make tech fun and understandable for all!

  8. Thank you so much for doing this Tom. Quick suggestion; I always found the news fuse the weakest part of TNT (for me). I would tend to “tune out” mentally as the days stories were rattled off. I much prefer something like “scan lines” were you and a guest provide quick commentary. I’ll listen either way but, not sure if others feel the same. Thanks again for doing this, you have become my main source of tech news. You’re awesome.

  9. While maintaining some continuity in your life with a great first show, you have helped me maintain some in my own. I have listened/watched your last daily show for a long time and now I can continue to do so. I’m sure you are eager to get contributions for news story ideas, but I always got my news from TNT so… if there is any other way to contribute or subscribe please let me know.

  10. Great show. You really hit the ground running. Congratulations! I don’t need someone to just feed me the news, I can read that for myself. It’s the commentary that makes your show worthwhile. Take reading movie reviews. That is, if I want to know the movie, I just go see the movie. I read reviews to get a deeper sense of the thing. I can well imagine the effort it must take to run something like this so please know that it is very much enjoyed every day.

  11. So cool to hear your voice again. It’s been too long (snark).

    But, seriously, glad to see you have landed on your feet – moving forward – and continuing to read the news and add your perspective.

    Excited for the future and I’ve already added you to PocketCasts!

  12. Tom,
    Thank you times a million for having started this show. The first episode of TNT without you showed up in my Stitcher today, and, well, let’s just say you set the bar way too high for them to reach. Then I looked on your site and saw you also had your first show. I was so excited! After hearing it, I can say you have not let me down!!! Thank you for persevering, and for getting the gang back together… I can’t wait to hear you and Darren Kitchen and Len Peralta tomorrow… sigh…. it’s almost as if Leo didn’t try to ruin my commute time forever!!!!

  13. I wasn’t so excited at first, but it’s clear that this endeavor is the best parts of TNT. I’m very excited to follow daily and congratulations on your first episode!

  14. Great first show. Thank you for providing me my daily tech news fix. I really enjoy your style and commentary. Will be looking forward to an iTunes video version in the future (hint hint). Glad you kept your fireplace green screen. Good luck!

  15. Great show. You’re started off sounding a little bit like a guy whose girl just dumped him! You seemed to snap out of it eventually. Remember, there’s a ton of people who have followed you from BOL to TNT and will follow you again.

    Especially after the first “post Tom” TNT …

  16. Following you over from Tech News Today. You’re the voice of the show and now that you’re over here, I’d love to follow you.

    I DO believe that content is more important that glitz and glamour.

    Here’s to a great 2014 and good luck with your show and endeavors.

  17. Love the new show. BeyondPod brought in the audio version fine. I prefer the video when it is available so like being able to watch from this website. Will there be a way to get video by subscription soon? Thanks for keeping the news coming to us – it keeps us from twitching. Looking forward to seeing Molly and/or Veronica and/or Sarah doing guest spots or something more permanent???

  18. Hello +Tom Merritt. I would like to comment on the Google integration in cars. It would be feasible for a stripped down version of Android in the cars that would include specific apps such as Google Maps, mail, etc, and perhaps an integrated Chromecast ability so that media apps could cast to the display for additional functionality. This would perhaps elimitate havng distracting apps allowed on the car display. Love your new show, and you are missed on TWiT. I have been following you since CNET and will continue to do so.

  19. Thanks Tom for continuing to bring us the news every day. You give the news life for me and you always bring up ideas that I don’t even consider.

  20. Hey Tom, great show! Just listened to the MP3 version, I personally think the music should fade out instead of keep being in the background.

  21. I’m thankful to still be able to listen to tech news with a credible, professional host.

    I was listening to the old show on Stitcher. Any chance that you can get the new show published over there so that I don’t miss an episode?


  22. I’ve followed you since the BOL days and see that you’ve again set up what sounds like an excellent show!

    I also agree with the couple of other folks that said you need to drop the music from the headline-reading at the top of the show. I find the music itself a little nervous and distracting.

  23. Thank you for giving me a replacement for TNT and FrameRate. I just can’t bring myself to accept the revocation of some of my favorite threads of conversation, with you. I’ve gone ahead and unsubscribed from a few other shows to adopt podcasts with you and Scott Johnson. You’re like a brother, or uncle, or best friend or something. I like your wit and your straight attitude, you don’t play up or play down what you think. I actually learn from your perspectives, not just from the recitation of fact and prognostication elsewhere.

    I believe in you!

    All the best

  24. Regarding backwards compatibility: Both Microsoft and Sony have ways to download games from their respective online stores. Would it really be that difficult to port and allow previous versions of games to be available for download? They did it with the original XBOX and the XBOX 360 (where the X360 was able to play original XBOX games). To me it seems like more of a way to get your money again, and not necessarily a “compatibility” issue.

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