40 thoughts on “2013/12/23 – A sample Daily Tech News Show

  1. I greatly enjoyed the preview episode! Do you plan to have both a headlines and discussion section of this show or will it be primarily a summery of headlines? Is that yet to be determined? Thanks again for your continued excellence.

  2. Nothing wrong particularly with a straight-up “here are the headlines in the news” type thing, Tom. The choice of what you cover and the wording makes a difference of course and I’m sure you could deliver such a product as well as anyone and much better than most.
    However, I honestly enjoyed your input all the more in the discussion phases of – well – previous shows I’ve seen you on. You are very quick on your feet. You often seem to have a great grasp on what the real story possibly is. What it might mean and what it probably has nothing to do with. As such – what parts people are perhaps getting wrong. Or should I say, most likely incorrect conclusions people are jumping to.
    To that end I’d love to see a second or third chair on the show to get more of an armchair discussion of the topics going. Ideally something informal and kicked back. Something which makes me feel I’m just sitting on the couch talking with friends. Or, listening to them talk I suppose is a better analogy since I’m not on the show.
    I realize you may be hesitant to ape previous work too much. However honestly there are only a few formulas and they are done over and over. So I don’t think anyone could complain too much if it is too similar.
    I just feel that most people listening to these shows are consuming at least small bits of tech media from quite a few sources. They probably already know the headlines. It’s the discussion and your viewpoints that are the unique thing you can bring to it.

    tl,dr; I’m happier with you as a chatting head than just a straight headline reader.

    Good luck with it. I’ll be tuning in to check it out no matter what it is.
    – Mike

  3. Excellent preview Tom. Looking forward to what’s next. Now that you and Molly Wood are both indies, maybe you two can do more together. Really love the “It’s a Thing” podcast that you do.

  4. Yes Tom is very quick on his feet. And his viewpoints really help us see the tech news in the right perspective, of how it effects are life’s today. New you would be back in the saddle again. Now you can pioneer this tech world on your terms. And have the freedom to do it your way. AND any thing you been wanting to do or try you know we got your back. You wont be on this trail alone. We will be here for you and your other tech cowboys, As you go threw New and Undiscovered Tech Frontier’s. And remember if you ever loose your way. “ Second star to the right… and straight on till morning.”

  5. I’m so glad you’ve been able to get up and running within such a short period of time! The preview episode is very good, and I enjoy the more ‘newsy’ style of presentation. I appreciate that things are still up in the air, though.

    Wishing you great success in your new enterprise(s) and a happy 2014.

  6. Have loved watching Twit.TV shows for over 2 years now. My 2 favorite I never missed were TNT and Framerate. So, I was depressed when I heard you were leaving. Now I am elated to see you are continuing on both areas of my interest!!!!
    Have already set up donation for Cordkillers and loved the “beta” episode – esp. sharpie+cardboard segment intros!
    My only sad note is that I heard that Iyaz was leaving TNT also. Hope I can catch him elsewhere also!
    Thanks again Tom for your new show(s).

  7. Congrats on this new show!

    Is it possible to create an embedded audio player that will play the show directly from the web page when viewed with a browser? This will greatly ease many users who are not using the subscription method and who otherwise need to “download” and “save” the mp3 file locally and then play it on a client player.

  8. A name idea: dtechdigest (domain is available)
    D standing for daily, but nicely playing off ‘detective’
    Abbreviated as DTD or d-tech
    Announced as “The Daily Tech Digest with Tom Merritt”

    Was trying to think up a cool baseball related name but failed miserably.

  9. I like the way CD Andrews thinks. Tell me where to send my money! I know you said to buy your books. So, I will purchase one of your books each month…until you allow people to subscribe via PayPal or something.

    Good content and commentary is worth paying for.

  10. It had been awhile since I had scanned the Internet dial, so I checked out some other tech podcasts during the holiday break (both news- and gadget-oriented). It turns out Internet media suffers from the same lack of substance as old-fashioned broadcast media. Who would have thunk?

    Looking forward to well-researched news items and intelligent commentary, Tom. Even better would be if Iyaz is part of the delivery mechanism. Not agreeing on everything is part of what makes you guys a great team.

  11. Hello again Tom,

    I agree with Clint. I would love to see some of your former co-hosts such as Becky Worley or Molly Wood appear as an occasional or regular co-host of this new show.

  12. I have been listening to you since early days of BoL. The sample DTN show with headlines was great but you are so good at context and insight you should add that to the mix. You may need a foil to work that out with; I enjoyed the friction you had with Iyaz after he learned to push back) and Molly rants were priceless too.

    I can understand Leo wanting you in house more and adding journalism to the TWIT mix but losing you as a consequence might turn out to be a mistake. You are the best tech news broad caster in the world.

  13. Hi Tom,

    I’m a long-time TNT listener. I just heard about the new show here and rushed over to check it out. I’m really glad to hear that you’re still going to be doing a daily news show. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. (I’m a composer, music business professor, podcaster, and general nerd.)

  14. Tom I was very sad to hear that Leo did not renew your contract the TNT show will suffer for that bad decision on Leo part . I will be listing to your show from now on .
    Clinton from Ireland

  15. As much as I loved Molly Wood, I just didn’t click with Brian Tong, so I followed you to a network I already listened to.

    Now… Ok, I just don’t like Mike Elgan’s analysis of… anything. So as much as I love Sarah Lane, I’ll be switching to your new podcast.

    I hope it goes great for you, Tom. Looking forward to it.

  16. Been a listener since the live weekly show I’ve forgotten the name of on CNet and then BOL, been a good source for what’s happening in tech, good luck with the new show and if you want any VO’s done to start you off I’m only too happy to let you have some. As you say we are in this together and helping each other is what we do.
    Look forward to the new show and good luck.

  17. Thanks so much for all the laughs and fun times with Tech News Today, the show isn’t going to be the same without you.

    I can’t wait to hear the new show. You’re the best, thanks for everything!

  18. Can’t wait for this to get rolling. One thing, I setup the feed in my normal RSS reader that also catches podcasts and it did not recognize the referenced audio file. Formatting issue?

    1. Stitcher is problematic. To submit your podcast you have to become a partner and agree to their terms which allows them to sell ads around your content. I don’t have a big problem with that but my stuff is always Creative Commons and as long as they don’t put ads inside my thing (which they don’t) they already have the right to include it. But to even submit you have to agree to this:

      “2. Producer shall provide promotional consideration to Stitcher as agreed upon between Producer and Stitcher. Examples of such promotional consideration include but are not limited to on-air mentions of Stitcher, social media promotion and links from Producer’s website to Stitcher website.”

      I don’t think I want to agree to that just to get indexed. The only other way to submit the show is as a listener.

  19. I’m fairly new, compared with your other listeners, but I’ve been listening to you since 2008 or 2009. I found you by accident because I bought a WD TV Live. I tried all the streaming shows, clips, etc., and TNT was the only one I watched more than twice. I watched it every day before going to sleep. I had never heard of TWiT and had no idea TNT was part of a bigger network. After realizing this, I found and regularly watched about 5 shows on TWiT. So I’m an example of one TWiT viewer that Leo LaPorte needs to thank you for. I know you will be great, maybe even better, going independent. I, along with the rest of the commenters, am here to support you and help make all your hard work worthwhile. Thanks for all your insight over the years and I look forward to the new show!

  20. Tom, I’ve been following your tech commentary for many years (and networks!) and I want to wish you luck with the new show. I may still peek to see what they do with your old show on the TWiT network, but I’ve already followed you here.

    I’m looking forward to your comments, insight, and wit to help in keeping us all up-to-the-minute on what’s happening in the tech world. Best of luck with this independent venture!

  21. TNT and Framerate were my 2 favorite TWiT shows. Already donated a few bucks for each Cordkiller episode, and would gladly donate for a Daily News show you do. Maybe this is obvious, but seems many folks (myself included) are ready to follow the “talent” instead of the “network” in this new frontier. I value your skills/ability/personality way more than what network you are on. I un-subscribed from TNT yesterday..and am looking forward to your new show! Your friend from Fairview Heights.

  22. Tom: Saw the link to this site in your “20 questions on Tuesday” responses. You were my #1 reason for listening to TNT. Oddly enough, Iyaz Akhtar was my #2 reason. Your outstanding and energetic delivery are what made TNT enjoyable, and I look forward to what you will be able to do in this new format — I will listen to your beta episode on the way home from work this evening….

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