66 thoughts on “Be in on what’s next for Tom Merritt

  1. Get big enough to hire away Sarah Lane! You are the only person capable of running TWiT when Leo retires… big mistake letting you go IMO. Would love to help you succeed. Keep on doing what you love to do, your fans will follow. +anthony

  2. So glad you are doing this show! You have a great perspective and seem to ask the questions I am thinking of. Keep it up and I look forward to making this my daily tech news spot.

  3. What was Leo thinking?!!!

    Not to diminish Sarah, Iyaz or Jason’s contributions but you were TNT. I became a big fan back in the CNet Buzz Out Loud days and followed you over to TwIT. Really enjoy your style, insights and opinions about today’s technology news and happenings. Will gladly follow you and support any new venture you have planned. BTW, happen to know many others will do the same.

    Dream come true… you and Molly Wood paired up again. 🙂 Just a thought.

    Keep banging away. You have a huge fan base and personal brand that is not easily duplicated despite what some people might think.

  4. New names for show? bouncing off a ‘TNT’ theme:

    Dynotech News
    Nitrotech News
    Either 1 with ‘For Tomorrow’ after it (dig at ‘Today’)

    Off a ‘BOL’ theme:
    Not Bolted (implying an open door to topics)

    Whatever you name show, good luck from a SS/BOL/TNT listener. I will subscribe.

  5. Great stuff. Tom, you’re a gentleman and a scholar. We could do with more of you… I think you should start a few deeper-dive shows as well as this great news show… How about a security show or a weekly show on all things Microsoft? … ahem…

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