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  1. Great news Tom. Shame you couldn’t stay on twit but this could be a good move in the long run. Nobody needs to be in the studio when you have Skype. Good luck.

    1. I always felt that shows with Tom (and the rest of he crew, IIRC Sarah wasn’t in studio when Tom was last up) in the same room were considerably better, snappier, better flowing than the regular Skype shows. I enjoyed them better. Same goes for the in-studio Framerates of yesteryear.

      Skype adds latency, Skype kills non-verbal cues. it’ll always be worse than the real thing.

      So, I say, in keeping with the great tradition of broadcasting studios, throw out the couch and get a table, Tom! 😉

  2. I loved the premiere episode!

    Kinda want to call it just ‘Daily Tech’. I realise that’s taken. But they’re not the boss of my talking out loud!

    Good luck Tom. Looking forward to it.

  3. I have been listening to TNT for many years on my 65 mile commute into work in the mornings….looking forward to swapping over to your new daily tech news show. I enjoy your commentary, it is thoughtful and insightful! Keep doing what your doing!!!!

  4. Tom, I’m really pleased you’re working on doing your own show. High quality content, presented in a professional manner, always attracts a loyal audience, as witnessed by those who like me who wish you every success with this new project. It will replace my current source of news of tech today.

    Politicians with a big ego think that it’s their superior qualities that makes them popular with voters, but it’s those who actually do something worthwhile that gain long term appreciation from the public. You’d be in the second category if you were running for office, unlike some others in the tech media industry. 😉

  5. Is it true you we’re let go ’cause you wouldn’t ‘t relocate to do it live from Petaluma? That’s chickensh*t and not required of all TWIT hosts. I only came to/discovered TWIT when you left BOL. Well, looking forward to your next venture. May you and Molly can do some stuff together again?

  6. Great news Tom! You will be my primary source of tech news as always, (actually very likely the only source, as I have a timeslot for one show in my commute, sometimes I wish I had 65 miles of it to go, but I digress, You are all that we need).

    To a great 2014 indeed.

  7. A little sad that you’re leaving the twit network, but excited to see someone making their own opportunities. Count me in Tom! See you on the other side!

  8. Tom, I’ve been following you ever since BOL, and followed you to TWIT and will follow for sure on to your Next Adventure and Joy. Your talent and truthful technical insights have a special place in this technologist’s heart. You have more impact on people’s lives than you’ll ever know.

    Keep the faith my GEEK brother 🙂 we believe in you.

  9. Hi Tom! I put a YouTube comment on the Brainstorm, but wasn’t sure about the best place to fire an idea at you.

    On the daily show / weekly show issue. I don’t really listen to TNT very often, because I find the episodes a bit short, I prefer more analysis, and I find it overwhelming to listen to the same voices every day.

    I’d love Monday-Thursday 30 minute punch news shows, and a big end-of-the-week Friday analysis/chat show, maybe lasting 1:30h to 2:00h. Then, have a Friday-only feed that I could subscribe to. Kinda the best of both worlds! It could start with news, then flow nicely into analysis and chat.

    Friday gives people longer to listen to it over the weekend, but Monday or Wednesday could make sense too.

    I love video – but I don’t think the quality matters. It’s just to satisfy the need to see something if I’m near a big screen. I don’t usually glue my eyes to the screen like a TV show, just glance occasionally.

    All the best.

  10. Will you be establishing a Patreon Site for this show? If not, what’s the funding model? Thanks for your exceptional work! I look forward to many great daily tech news roundups in the future!

  11. Hmm.. I don’t remember posting earlier today ^^^

    Just like your doppelganger Tom Merritt in Austin. I have one here too I guess.

    I have a small Website Dev business. Hit us up for some free advice or volunteer help on the next site!

    Good luck on the next show! We’ll be watchin/listenin!

  12. Tom,
    I’ve been listening to you since I first discovered podcasts back in the BOL days – pre video. Your broadcaster quality voice, sharp wit, and analysis keep me hooked ever since. I’ve never missed a single show from that time to TNT to now. With a limited number of hours in the day, this is where I choose to spend my time for my daily tech news rundown. Best of luck on this (and Cordkillers). Looking forward to 2014. I’ll be listening…

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