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Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comHow Twitter was more restrictive about speech than the European Court of Justice. Tom Merritt and Veronica Belmont discuss.


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2 thoughts on “DTNS 2565 – Dat Battery Tho

  1. wow.
    Just finished DTNS podcast and I am so impressed with Veronica Belmont opinion on the “Right to be Forgotten”.
    A voice of reason, measured with intelligence and balanced with common sense. wow.

    Yes, Public ELECTED officials, the Elected part is the key do have a lower level of privacy. Those ELECTED officials are actively working to make their actions public. V.Belmont is exactly correct.

    There is a big difference between a Politician and someone who is famous, a newscaster, opinion maker or a performer. V.Belmont may be a famous newscaster but she is still should expect a level of privacy available to the less well known.

    Yes, I too am careful when Tweeting or any other public comment.

    You can legislate negative information entropy (ask to be forgotten) but it will not work. Some processes are 1-way.

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