DTNS 2566 – You’re S-Penning It Wrong!

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comMicrosoft is just the latest company to show off 3D scanning software for a consumer phone. With MIT’s new 10-material printer, Patrick Beja and Tom Merritt discuss far we are from being able to replicate things with our phone.


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2 thoughts on “DTNS 2566 – You’re S-Penning It Wrong!

  1. OK, I finally felt I had to weigh in on the issue of right to be forgotten and the huge implications of government involvement. I suspect this will be a fairly unpopular view but, FWIW, I have 35+ years of experience behind it. And it is purely an USA perspective, YMMV elsewhere.
    Almost every person has said: “Of course I wouldn’t want the government handling the decisions about removing info from the Internet.” And it is said like a statement about the existence of gravity, where everyone’s agreement is assumed. Done correctly, you shouldn’t want anyone ELSE to do it. A true objective and professional Civil Service is one of our strongest defenses against prejudice and people enforcing their agendas. And then having those practices change with every political wind shift or public outcry. You do not want decisions to be made according to the CEO’s religion or politics or whatever – times thousands of companies worldwide. And the issue of cost – where only the well-to-do can afford to take effective remedial action – is then gone. You would go to whatever govt. office and file a request for action, whether you are in the top 1% or the bottom.
    Bureaucracy and overly rigid adherence to the rules can be a horrible pain and can result in clear injustices for outliers and be slow to adjust to changing times. But it is worse to leave it all up to each company to decide justice based on their backgrounds, mood and whims of the day, and the ever-changing climate of public expectations.
    And for the label makers out there: Civil Service was massively reformed by Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican and has only gotten away from his vision in relatively recent times, to our detriment. I’m just sayin’ : )

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