DTNS 2576 – Space Whisky

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comCan anybody replicate Xiaomi’s success in China/ And will their budget approach ruing them in the end? Patrick Beja and Tom Merritt discuss that, space whisky and more.


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4 thoughts on “DTNS 2576 – Space Whisky

  1. Having formerly worked at a large defense contractor, I’m familiar with the “no phone at work” restriction. At least in our case, it was mostly about the camera, as some people were allowed to carry a smartphone without a camera (one of the few models out there), so I would think the watch might pass the security check there too.

  2. One not need even to go to the level of a “security clearance” reason for an employer to require the employee to lock their phone away.

    Many if perhaps most, retail and service outlets require employees to put their phones out of reach while “on the clock”.

    Undoubtedly this prohibition changes over time and as equally without a doubt, exceptions are currently made to company policies as seen as necessary (the mother with a sick child at home, the expectant father, etc).

    But I am curious how local and corporate managers balance the “always connected” bias of their workforce with the demand that their employees always be absolutely 100% customer or user focused when working.

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