DTNS 2577 – Don’t Punch the Monkey, Instagram!

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comApple announced a big iPad, a touched iPhone, an Apple TV you can gesture at and talk to and a rose gold Apple Watch. Scott Johnson Adam Christianson from Mac Cast and Tom Merritt discuss.


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5 thoughts on “DTNS 2577 – Don’t Punch the Monkey, Instagram!

  1. Have any of you guys ever bought jewelry? To hear Scott Johnson go on and on about what a stupid name “Rose Gold” was irritating. Rose gold is a gold and copper alloy with a little bit of silver. It is very commonly used in jewelry and has been becoming more popular. The color used by the new iPhones very much resembles the look of Rose Gold and fits the name quite well.

  2. In the conversation about the iPad Pro Scott mentioned as an artist, who does a lot of digital art, when in the field uses a sketchbook is very interested in the “Pencil” of the iPad because of the pressure sensitivity. However this isn’t anything new, has Scott ever thought of trying the smaller Wacom Cintiq or Surface Pro 3 which have offered this sort of capability for years now?

    1. If you listen, Scott talks about how he currently uses a Wacom Cintique, and I believe he mentions trying the Surface though that might have been pre or post show.

      1. correct he uses a particular cintique, Wacom makes one that is desktop only, but they also make a mobile version. In the recorded show he never mentions the Surface Pro. To be thorough, wouldn’t you want mention true comparables in the conversation?

  3. For context, the only iPhone I have ever owned is a 3GS, since then… Android phones all the way and I love it. I do own an iPad and for various reasons I keep up on the specs of the iPhone. I was surprised to hear Tom say he was not impressed by the 6S update. It seems to have become a theme in the tech press and I wonder if it’s as simplistic as it seems. Human sees object, object looks the same therefore object must be the same. This iPhone update is objectively the biggest S spec bump ever. I also think it’s obvious that the 3D Touch hardware / software combo can’t be speculated on until it is used (The watch and track pad implementation of Force Touch is a wildly unfair reference). From afar, it looks like 3D touch could be an amazing differentiation. But then again, it could be as useless as all the pundits have already condemned it to be. Maybe I’m just yearning for more people to say “I don’t know, we’ll have to see”.

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