DTNS 2612 – The City of Virtual Light

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comPatrick Beja went to Paris Games Week and tried the latest version of Sony’s PlayStation VR. Has it turned him agains the oculus Rift? Can he see the future of VR? Scott Johnson and Tom Merritt aim to find out.

Note: YouTube failed to stream or capture the first 30 minutes of the stream today. Apologies to the video viewers. Let’s all agree to blame the launch of YouTube Red. My wife works at YouTube. Tom.


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3 thoughts on “DTNS 2612 – The City of Virtual Light

  1. Two jobs ago, I worked for a two-person catalog company. Then I moved to the biggest telecom infrastructure company in the world.

    In the little company, capital expenditure was always a concern. We had to plan for software and hardware upgrades, travel expenses, toilet paper purchases, … everything. And if we made mistakes, somebody was going to have to wait for payment. And when the purchase was made, the department responsible for implementing the change was either me or the publisher. But if I wanted to make a global formatting change to our major product, that was a 30-second discussion with the publisher.

    At the telecom, there was a budget, but it wasn’t a major consideration. And it was usually somebody’s job to implement the purchase. Software and hardware upgrades were handled by the IT department, physical plant changes were handled by facilities, and cleaning was handled by janitorial.

    But if I wanted to change the handling of series commas, there was a style committee, that met by teleconference every couple of weeks, that got to weigh in. And if there was a change, the style guide had to be updated, of course.

    My comment at the time was, “Everything hard is easy. And everything easy is hard.”

    1. Sorry, that comment belongs on the previous show. When you reopen the DTNS page after a new video is posted but without refreshing, the videos are not attached to the correct stories. A refresh fixes this, but I forgot to refresh this time.

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