DTNS 2613 – Happy Little Cloud Service

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comTwitch, often stereotyped as a place for sweaty boy gamers to trash talk people about games, is doing a marathon of Bob Ross’s “The Joy of Painting.” Take that stereotypers! Tom Merritt and Justin Young discuss the odd journey of Justin.tv to Gaming-only Twitch to a Twitch channel for sculptors.


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7 thoughts on “DTNS 2613 – Happy Little Cloud Service

  1. A lot of tech blog are giving attention to Siri’s response to music related queries, 99% using your example of “what’s the most popular song in the US today”.

    You can easily use Siri to obtain that info by changing the query to “search the internet for today’s most popular song in the US”.

    While it may be more popular to cover the limitation, tech blogs ideally would provide solutions as well — something that happens much less than it used to 🙁

    1. That’s a great workaround Ben thanks for that. I think the story still stands though, as Siri is marketed as something you can speak naturally too. My thinking is that you shouldn’t have to phrase your question carefully like that. Siri generally behaves that way too, if it can’t find the answer it searches the Internet. So the fact that in this case it doesn’t is noteworthy. AS I said on the show, I also don’t think it’s purposeful.

  2. “…I think the story still stands though…”
    It does… and I wasn’t referring to DTNS specifically, just tech blogs in general. They used to be more a place to find answers, and while that still happens — it’s becoming more of a discussion of issues without providing solutions.

    Prior to Apple Music, if you were to ask Siri the same question, it would automatically be converted to a web search. Billboard info is integrated into the Apple Music service, and having Siri automatically provide the info wasn’t possible until Apple Music became a service.

    Ideally, Siri would realize whether or not the requestor was a AM subscriber, and if not, automatically convert the request to a web search. From a marketing standpoint, I wouldn’t exactly call it a bad-idea for Apple to choose the request as opportunity to remind the user that Apple Music could provide the answer more seamlessly — maybe append that ‘message’ with a ‘would you like me to search the web for this instead?’.

  3. Either Tom had a bad hair day or that was a brilliant minimalist costume commenting upon the tyranny of the hair stylist conspiracy.

    I’m going with ‘B’.

    Fight the man*!

    * In this instance, “the man” is mostly likely to be a woman, but that doesn’t change either the sentiment or the idiom.

  4. Can someone tell me what is Justin Robert Young’s wife’s Twitch channel? It’s such a tease to say she has one, but I can’t seem to find it. Thanks.

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