DTNS 2703 – Is There an Echo in Here

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Amazon adds two new devices to its Alexa-powered voice-recognition devices. Tom Merritt and Justin Young discuss whether Amazon is slowly, quietly, taking over the smart home.


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2 thoughts on “DTNS 2703 – Is There an Echo in Here

  1. Just a thought but as a driver you’re responsible for your car in every way possible.

    With this in mind you are responsible for insurance taxes and registration.

    Unless they’re going to start holding the car manufacture responsible for any accidents that the vehicle would be involved I would believe it would only be appropriate for the driver to make decisions such as the scenario given in your show “car versus trolley”.

    Otherwise there will be no need to pay for insurance on a vehicle.

    However the scenario which stated is very extraordinarily unlikely.. Especially considering the faster reaction times that a computer is likely to have provided that the car is appropriately configured . Then the cars software should always act in a way that is self preserve and protecting of its owner.

    After all you’re responsible for it so it should be responsible for you.

    1. All good points.

      The scenario is very unlikely but not so unlikely it may not happen a couple of times. Hence the original author’s positing the question.

      A couple other questions are:

      What if the owner isn’t in the car? (taxi service)
      And as you say, situations happen fast and computers react fast. The computer can’s stop to ask what it should do. What if it encounters a situations not previously anticipated

      Anyway fun speculation.

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