DTNS 2733 – Why People Won’t Shut Up About VR

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comIs virtual reality good for anything but games? Industry vet Travis Falstad talks with Allison Sheridan and Tom Merritt about what VR is good for.


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4 thoughts on “DTNS 2733 – Why People Won’t Shut Up About VR

  1. I am sorry for the late response but I am a bit behind. I did want to add a little something to the discussion as I am unsure if you are aware of a medical aspect that might be a good application of VR (although it might be a good application of AR as well). I work in healthcare and had worked in electrophysiology at one point where we would map out unusual rhythms of the heart. Current technology uses multiple external and internal electrical monitoring devices to map these rhythms and treat when appropriate. We have place catheters in the heart and generated a 3-D map of the inside of the heart by measuring the resistance/time (depending on the system (heavily simplified)) for the signal to travel between inside and out. This 3-D model will then be used to discover the area needing to be treated as well as assure treatment was successful. In VR (or AR depending on the design), the physician would be able to visualize the inside of the heart as the map was generated (as they can do now to some extent) and better treat the dangerous rhythms. There are a couple of companies that I have worked with using the tech currently available, one is St. Jude (https://professional.sjm.com/products/ep/mapping-visualization/cardiac-mapping-system/ensite-velocity-cardiac-mapping-system) and the other is Biosense Webster (https://www.biosensewebster.com/products/carto-3.aspx).
    Thank you for all that you do

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