DTNS 2734 – Alibaba is a Fickle Genie

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comAlibaba spends $1 billion to move into Southeast Asian ecommerce, Brian Brushwood talks with Tom Merritt about doing business on Alibaba.


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4 thoughts on “DTNS 2734 – Alibaba is a Fickle Genie

  1. How is Shwood even remotely surprised that his fan base is an “internet crowd”? Shwood, Tom (full disclosure, Tom’s wife works for YouTube), Scott, Brian, Veronica, that other Diamond Club guy, all the old BOL team, and the cult of Leo are all internet celebrities. Padcast, YouTube, and blogs come from the internet via some sort of magic that I don’t understand, and hopefully Lucas wont ruin that for me. I am actually a little confused when any of you do something on old media and don’t make it available online as well, because it makes it difficult for the internet fans to get access to it without going to less reputable means. If Hacking the System had not been put online somewhere, I probably never would have seen it. I had even gone to one of those less reputable means, but do to the inconsistent quality, miss labeled episodes, and issues getting it from my computer to my TV screen (I hate the small screen), I had given up watching it. I feel the same way about the SyFy show that Wil Wheaton had done a while back and everything that Chris Hardwick puts on O.G.TV. Although Hardwick seems to be the outlyer in all this, I often wonder if a lack of online presence hurt Wheaton’s show (which I have never seen).

    We have been trained to go online to find y’all, and because the people we enjoy and are entertained by have been largely online for so long, we have given up quite a bit of our old connections to old media. (So yea, I am blaming y’all for killing the cord 😉 Because online is where we INTERACT with you, not just watch you. I’m not asking for same day and time release of everything, just let me know that it is coming and where to look for it, otherwise, the barrier to view it just too great, and I will just have to let that one go.

  2. Your discussion on the proposed New York “Textalyzer” bill was concerning to me for many of the reasons you listed, such as how far will they take it. Will they really just leave it at last text date/time and nothing else? But my main reason for concern is, I’m a Moto X user and have it BT connected to my car so I’m forever sending and receiving text messages verbally, without ever touching my device…and yet, their software wouldn’t know whether the text was spoken or typed. I’m all for cracking down on distracted driving but I find this bill’s approach to be alarmist.

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