DTNS 2907 – Don’t Call It A Soft Launch

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5 thoughts on “DTNS 2907 – Don’t Call It A Soft Launch

  1. Tom, not sure why you have these hosts on the show, such low quality compared to your regular shows. Services are often judged by the worst part of the process and this significantly lowers the quality of your stream.

    1. Johnson,

      Sorry you don’t like Peter and Justin. I know they’re different but I don’t consider them lower quality in any way. If you’re saying you won’t listen to the rest of our shows because you don’t like this one of course I’ll understand. But we have lots of different hosts and viewpoints as a way to provide a broader not a narrower view.

      IN any case I do appreciate the feedback. – Tom

  2. I didn’t catch the name of your third co-host who was asking about Sonos and home assistants, but that integration IS coming next year for the Echo [Hint: You don’t have to call it “Alexa,” triggering everyone’s devices. It’s not even called “an Alexa”…it’s called an Echo]. Anyway, I think this is due in early 2017 in the US. I’m not sure when/if they expect to roll it out to Australia. Here’s a preview video from Sonos: https://youtu.be/bARbx4I3xZY?t=1m2s.

    And if I may add some perspective to Johnson’s comment, I truly appreciate the different point of view that Peter’s episodes add, but from a production angle, the audio quality doesn’t meet Tom’s studio-calibre episodes. Even just a post-show noise reduction filter might go a long way toward improving that. Rather than joking about background noises or a bad mic, some minor adjustments before and after recording could likely significantly improve the final product. [Thoughts shared as a fellow podcaster with the fondest of intents.]

    1. Cheers Richard, I’ll pass that on to James (the Sonos fan).

      I used to have a dedicated room with a proper mic, and nice acoustics, but that became my baby’s room. Now I record whenever I can squeeze in the time.

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